Dumpster Enclosures

Dumpster Enclosure with Metal Posts and Welded Barrel HingesWhether you need to enclose a new dumpster and pad or meet the code on an existing dumpster, we have many types and styles of Dumpster Enclosures to choose from. Chainlink with privacy slats, Wood Privacy mounted on metal posts, and Aluminum, Steel, or Vinyl can all be used to build a dumpster enclosure that will hide the view of the dumpster and trash while giving an aesthetically pleasing clean look to everyone on the outside.  A properly designed dumpster fence and gate will also keep paper and trash from flying out and keep most critters from getting into the dumpster. Gate size, proper hinges and latches, as well as the correct gate posts are all very important to building and maintaining a successful dumpster enclosure. Bollards/Bumper Posts should be another consideration to protect the gates and posts from being hit by the dumpster service company or other vehicles. You can choose from the types and styles on this page or we can work with your designs and drawings.  We invite you to visit our showroom and view our large selection of fences and products in person or contact us to set up an on site estimate.