Deer Fences

Deer FenceDeer Fence can be installed with posts, or attached to existing trees. It is transparent in wooded areas and does not detract from the landscape. Our deer fence has proven successful in protecting backyard gardens and plants, as well as muti-acre farms and crops. As an added benefit, deer fencing also decreases the risk of contracting Lyme disease brought on by ticks that could be attached to a deer's hide. We offer a professional assessment of your property to tailor a program that will best suit your needs.  We provide expert, deer fence installation, or we offer assistance for the do-it-yourselfer.  Our deer control experts are available for support before, during, and after your deer fence installation.  We also offer additional products for the most effective deer control strategies.  We have installed deer fence examples on display in the largest fence showroom in the Midwest where materials are also available for pickup.  If you are not in the immediate area, we can provide a shipping quote, upon request. Please contact our experts at 1-800-699-0643 to schedule an assessment, or contact us to request a materials quote or to set up an on site estimate.


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