Farm Fences

Woven Wire Farm Fence with Barbed Wire and Faced PostsFarm Fencing defines property lines, secures and protects livestock, facilitates livestock handling movement and control, contains and separates live stock, and allows for effective pasture management. A well-designed farm fence layout will save time, frustration and money and will facilitate an efficient farm operation. Farm fencing is available in a variety of materials. Your choice will depend on the purpose of the fence, maintenance requirements, zoning codes and rules, type of terrain and environment it will be installed in and on. Fencing types such as woven wire, welded wire, high tensile wire, barbwire, electric fencing, post and rail, vinyl fences and portable and removable panels can create fences, pens and paddocks that keep livestock in and secure your property. Posts come in different sizes and materials wood, metal, composites, fiberglass and plastic can all be used as a single source or in combination with one another. Proper gate layout with placement, the right size and width, and materials will help manage your live stock safely and efficiently. Gates are made of metal and wood and can be combined with wire. We professionally install in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana and sell materials for the do it yourselfers locally and nationwide. Visit the Midwest largest indoor showroom for your farm fence materials and ideas or contact us for a quote to professionally install your farm fence.