Horse & Equestrian Fences

3 Rail Kentucky Board Horse Fence with Faced Posts

There are many fencing options for horses, ranging from simple to high tech, and they can be portable or permanent. There is no one perfect fence for all situations and you may find you need a combination of fencing, depending on your location, purpose, the type of farm or ranch you may have , and the breed and number of horses you may own or board. A good fence layout design will protect horses, people and property, as well as be durable and functional. Horses have limited eyesight, therefore a fence should be highly visible. It also should be high enough to discourage jumping. The type of horse fence you choose will depend on several things, including safety and price. The type of fence material will determine how long a fence will last. Other determining factors are the construction of the fence, the weather exposure it receives, the size and aggressiveness of the horses contained, and how well the fence is maintained. An attractive and well-maintained horse fence displays pride in ownership, increases property value and gives an impression of professionalism. Let us help provide you with the proper horse fence that allows you to enjoy and safely secure these beautiful animals. We sell horse fence materials, by the job or the truckload, delivered to your farm or ranch for the do-it-yourselfer and also professionally install horse fences in Ohio, Kentucky or Indiana but will travel out of state for larger projects. The following fence styles are proven options in containing and securing your horses. We invite you to visit the midwest's largest fence showroom to view our fences and other products in person or contact us to set up an on site estimate.