GateWorks FAQs


1. Do you have a showroom where we can see the products and services?

Yes! Come visit one of the largest indoor showrooms in the fence world.  We have gates in stock and displayed so you can view them, and gauge their size.  We have an entry gate and operator set up in our showroom with all of the wiring exposed, to show you all of the aspects that go into completing one of our beautiful entry systems. A large selection of pictures of completed jobs, and information are all available to you to ease the buying process.  Stop in our beautiful showroom to view our entry systems at your convenience, or make an appointment with one of our gate professionals to walk you through and answer your questions.  <<Link to Showroom Hours and Directions>>


2. What should I consider when purchasing my new entry system?

Automating a gate is no simple task. Our observations and experiences over the past 35 years have given us a profound insight on the challenges involved with automating an entry system.  Selecting the appropriate gate and operator requires some thought. You will need to select the proper location, a gate that fits the look and feel you desire, and the height, width, and weight of the gate.  Other factors include the peak number of times the gate is opened and closed per hour, per day, per week; the method of opening and closing the gate, type of power supply to the gate, the safety devices you must have and could have, and all your other questions.  In short, you should be consulting with a professional - one with experience, an authentic portfolio of their own work, a proven track record of satisfied customers, and someone who understands this highly specialized business inside and out.  Our certified gate professionals will assist you in the design and build phases from start to finish and look forward to the after the sale relationship for years to come.


3. What types of gates and materials do I have to choose from?

We are able to create most any standard or custom gate design with our swing, slide or lift style gates. You can choose from gates in stock, from our portfolio of completed entry gate systems, or you can bring us your own design, or ideas to create the perfect style and design for you.  We are able to create your entry gate out of traditional materials, such as steel, aluminum, wood, or vinyl; or unique materials such as stone, stainless steel, bronze, copper or exotic woods. It is even possible to have a combination of materials listed above.  *Note: Zoning codes and local laws may affect the style and type of gate you choose.


4. What are the safety aspects of automated gate operators?

Automatic gate operators provide convenience and security to the consumer. However, because these gates contain moving parts that can produce high levels of force, it is important to have properly designed and installed gates to reduce the potential hazards. Keep in mind, a gate is actually a moving vehicle without a driver.  Serious accidents (and sometimes fatalities) have resulted from the improper design, installation, and usage of vehicular gate operating systems. Achieving a safe vehicular gate operating system is the joint effort and responsibility of the manufacturer, the system designer, the installer, and the consumer.  At Eads Fence, we guarantee that we will install your entry gate system to meet industry standards and that you will have the safest installation possible. Your safety is our number one concern when leading you through all the decisions needed in the creation of your automated entry gate system.  Our certified and experienced entry gate professionals will guide you in selecting the safety features for your gate project that are UL325 and ASTM f2200 compliant. Providing you with peace of mind and a safe working gate environment is the standard at Eads Fence.


5. Can I install a gate operator or upgrade the safety features on my existing gates?

Yes! We are able to install operators on existing entry gates. Our certified gate professional will need to make an assessment to ensure your posts and gates have the proper size, strength, and design to accommodate a functional and safe gate operator system.  Safety features can also be added or upgraded to existing gates with operators (and is highly recommended) once we have completed an assessment of your project.


6. What happens when my gate doesn't work?

An entry gate with an operator is a delight to own, but only when working properly. When the power is out, or the operator fails to open or close your gate, it can create stress and frustration.  No need for panic, you will not be trapped inside or stuck outside of your gate. Each of our gate operators comes complete with a manual release. So the minute your gate is not working, simply use the manual release to open the gate. At the completion of each job your certified gate operator professional will walk you through the entire how­to’s of your entry system, including how to use the manual release. Battery backup is also available, for areas prone to power outages.  Your next step is to contact your Service Representatives at Eads, who will come out and correct the problem with your gate. Problem solved!


7. What is the guarantee and warranty on my entry gate system?


We offer an industry standard, 90 day labor warranty for all of our install work. Our experience has found that if something malfunctions due to faulty workmanship, it will typically show up within the first 90 days.  We send all of our gate technicians to schools, manufacturing seminars, and trade shows to stay up-to-date on the latest and best methods of installing gates and operators.


Operator Warranties:

All of the gate operators and access controls are warranted for a period of time, set by the manufacturer. With our years of experience, we help you select the best equipment for your project and budget. Our certified gate professional will review all the equipment benefits as well as all warranties with you during the proposal stage.



Our Pledge


     "We are often selected throughout the tri-state area for our beautiful, and award winning entry gates, our experienced technical service, and helpful support.  However, the number one reason our customers highly refer us, and we are able to maintain relationships with clients from the very beginning, is our After the Sale Service!  We are passionate about customer service and understand the sense of urgency needed when you call with any issues about your entry gate system.  Our gate professionals have caring servants' hearts and work to create lasting relationships and friendships with all of their clients. We always have a gate technician on call.  Our gate technicians are phone warriors and will try to answer every call, text, or email in a timely period.  Like any lasting relationship or friendship, it is important to choose the right, qualified person who will be there for the long term.  At Eads Fence Company, we believe that our gate and gate operator customers are lifetime relationships, and we will work hard to earn and keep your confidence and trust; Before, During, and After the Sale. "


Dale Eads

Owner and President

Eads Fence Company